Organization development

How to build teams? How to strengthen the culture of the organization to support employee engagement and the development of innovation in the company? How to quickly and constantly adapt to changes?


I help develop organizations

Learning is a continuous process of making hypotheses, testing them and drawing conclusions.
These are conscious actions related to the modification of the product, service, business model and internal procedures that build the company’s culture. In order to strengthen the organization, better adapt to new trends, consumer expectations or market needs.
This business approach is possible and my goal is to support your company in these activities.


I like to share knowledge

That’s the main reason I run a blog and podcast. Maybe you will be able to find here something that will interest you, maybe inspire you, or maybe you will find here the answer to the questions that are on your mind.

My blog

It is a treasure of knowledge, simple tips and insights that can lead to great changes using the method of small steps.

Business vision

Business is a broad concept. For me, it’s a world full of possibilities, ideas and visions. That’s exactly what my podcast is about as well.


Business is about changes and challenges

In business, there is no single model that will be suitable for everyone. Therefore, copying solutions from the competition is not always a good idea.
Together, we can think about what actions will be best for your company to better cope with market challenges when changes are happening so quickly and from different sides.
Together we can create many interesting projects.

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How can I help you?


I always prepare workshops individually for a specific company and its current capabilities and needs.


A large portion of theory, practice and exercises.


I can help you assess the situation, set goals and support you in achieving them.


See what my clients say about me

I like what I do. I am also glad that it has a positive impact on the organizations and people I work with.

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Involvement in the project
We have known Agnieszka for years. We worked together, we learned from each other. She has always impressed me with her sensitivity, willingness to develop, communication and the extraordinary ability to talk about difficult matters. Her insightful mind is always looking for a solution. Our relationship has always been a great source of inspiration for me.
Marta Świtała_differentway
Marta Świtała
I have met Agnieszka years ago. Even then, she was full of piercing questions, accurate insights and determination. To this day, nothing has changed in this regard. Since I have known Agnieszka, she emanates a positive attitude towards changes and sees them more as an opportunity than a threat. If you want to change the world, it's only with her!
Dariusz Kisielewski_differentway
Dariusz Kisielewski


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