About me

About me

Hi! It's great that you are here! My name is Agnieszka and I help in organization development.


years of experience
in business

Do you want to grow your company?

The task of the leader is not to have answers to all the questions, but to create conditions for development in the organization so that it is best able to respond to the challenges posed by the market. I can help you with that.


What do I do?


These are the people you've chosen. They have their talents, achievements and passions, as well as limitations. They can support your organization if you help them.


It is you who set the direction and adjust the course. You are a great example to your people. Your approach is crucial for the development of the organization.


Development is rarely a coincidence. It's a process that you can consciously design. It is the driving fuel of any organization.

Do you have any questions?

Below are some questions and answers that will allow you to get to know me better.

Mainly I conduct workshops, but I also conduct trainings and consultations. I will always adapt the form of cooperation to the company, its current capabilities and needs.

With people who want to grow their organizations, who want to get involved in the process. They want to learn and draw conclusions. At the same time, they are aware that this involves time and effort of all parties involved.

I help with widely understood development. We can work on improving the existing offer, its better adaptation to the needs of the market and consumer expectations. We can also create something completely new to refresh your business.

Most of the information is in or around your organization. Your employees, customers, suppliers have many relevant insights and suggestions. It is worth listening to them and taking into account their opinion.

People want to have an impact on their surroundings and life. Employees only engage where they feel included. If you do not include them in the process at the design/creation stage of new solutions, they will not get involved at the implementation stage, because they will not feel responsible.

It supports or destroys all developmental processes. If the organization lacks a sense of psychological security, there will automatically be a lack of trust among people, there will be a lack of new ideas, mistakes will be covered up, and the turnover will grow. Culture cannot be overlooked in the process of development if it is to be continuous.

I want to design processes that will make you independent in development activities on a daily basis and root the change in the organization. At the same time, the form and scope of cooperation is always determined individually depending on the needs and capabilities of a given company.

Do you have a different idea, are you facing a different challenge or maybe you have other questions on your mind?